Vodafone and Ericsson Partnered to Power 5G Lab in Spain


The companies Vodafone and Ericsson has partnered for launching a new 5G lab in the country of Spain, named as the Vodafone 5G Lab. This new innovation hub is ultimately going to deliver a significant step for the 5G network in the region, along with providing a shared space for the purpose of developing a new 5G innovation and the applications for the enterprises and consumers.

This new 5G Lab is going to be enhancing the start-up ecosystem for the purpose of developing the 5G applications and services of the future, and this partnership between Ericsson and Vodafone has been a fundamental step towards the future elevating the quality of the 5G technology in the market of Spain along with creating a 5G ecosystem that will be ensure the overall chain of the development of the project starting from the design to the execution.

The software companies and the developers are also going to be able to make the use the of the 5G network speed for the purpose of developing the new use cases of 5G for both the enterprise and the consumers.

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Marta de Pablos, strategic marketing head of 5G at Vodafone Spain said, the Vodafone 5G Lab has been aiming to become a fundamental creation space for the purpose of developing a new generation of the applications and services, which their customers will be able to access in the future.

Ivan Rejon, head of strategy and marketing for Ericsson said, from Ericsson they are going to be promoting the application of an differentiated and improved 5G connectivity, which will be enabling the creation of the most innovative 5G use cases for both the consumers and the companies.