Study: Coffee Berry Extract May Boost Mood and Alertness of People


According to a new Study, a single of the extracts from the coffee berry, which has been the outer layer of the coffee fruit and it is also a rich source of the polyphenols, might be responsible for boosting the alertness and mood in the healthy women and men, along with the effects that are still observable for six hours after the consumption of the extract.

The researchers from PepsiCo (USA), Northumbria University (UK) and the PHMR Ltd (UK) has found that, the coffee berry supplementation, which is rich in chlorogenic acid is also leading it to the reports of the increase in the activity and decrease in the fatigue in the adult people.

The researchers said, 1100 mg extract of the coffee berry, which has been administered in the isolation, had been associated with a clear pattern of the beneficial effects on the alertness of the people along with the overall mood of the people. The researchers also said, these results have been replicating and building upon the effects of the same dose of the extract that has been reported by their lab suggesting the effects are robust.

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The results of the study has showed that, the 1100 mg coffee berry extract has been consistently improving the alertness, along with the participants, which are also reporting the increasing the activity of the people, along with the decrease in the fatigue and negative mood followed by the 1100 mg of the extract of the coffee berry.


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