Meta Launches New Discovery Tools and Features for Facebook Live Creators


The company ‘Meta’ is going to be launching a series of the Facebook Live updates that are going to be allowing the creators for engaging with their fans during their live broadcasts. The new features include, new commenting features, a new post format, support for the co-broadcasting of four people through live with feature, polls, and also support for addition of the links to the broadcasts and the Live in Stories, that mainly allows the creators to share their live streams directly on the Facebook Stories for the purpose of improving the chances of discovery.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta has teased all the new features and he also said that, there are other features still to come by posting it to Facebook that more updates are going to be launched in the week, after the announcement of the online Stars website has been made.

The new online store has been routing around the commissions of the app store as it is web only and has currently been passing the savings on to the fans by offering some more Stars, which are the virtual items used for tipping the creators for the same amount of money as the users have been paying inside the mobile app Facebook.

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Among all the new features that have been announced, Featured Links has been one of the most requested feature by the users, and this feature allows the creators for adding the website links to their live broadcasts that can possible be used for pointing the fans to the things such as donation opportunities, personal blogs, shopping sites and many more.

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