Supercomputer to Support Renewable Energy Innovation in US

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NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) of the US Energy Department is all set for gaining a powerful new supercomputer that is going to be supporting the data-intensive and large workloads and also the important research and development for providing help to the country prepare for the future of the needs aligned by the clean energy.

As it is anticipated for the purpose of operating at around 44 petaflops, which is a fresh machine known as Kestrel, and it is going to be boasting more than five times more performance potential than the existing system than NREL.

Dr. Kristin Munch, program manager for advanced computing said, based on the recently published on the top 500 list, and Kestrel has been estimated for being among the top 10 computers in the United States, when it is going to be fully deployed, and the past generation of the high performance computing systems, Peregrine and Eagle had been named after the birds of the lab.

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Once the supercomputer is going to be fully built mostly in the year 2023, the super computer is going to be hosted at the Energy Systems Integration Facility data center of NREL based on Colorado.

Dr. Kristen Munch said, they cannot share the funding value of the contract, and the Kestrel procurement had been a solicitation through the subcontract available publicly, and had also been awarded as the fixed price of the company for the building, design, delivery and also the ongoing maintenance of the system.


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