Zurich North America Launches EV Protection Products


The company ‘Zurich North America’ announced an enhanced suite of the vehicle production products that have been designed for the purpose of meeting the unique needs of the owners of the electric vehicles (EVs).

This comprehensive set of the products has been responsible for providing the coverage from the repair and replacement of the rechargeable high-voltage batteries to the roadside assistance for the purpose of charging the batteries of the electric vehicles that are running out of the power in the middle of the trip, and this suite of the products has been covering around all the EV manufacturing companies like Rivian, Tesla and Polestar.

This offering has been representing the new investment in the products and services for the purpose of supporting the automobile dealership customers of Zurich and it is also having the potential for providing help to the dealerships for diversifying the revenue streams through the service lane and F&I office.

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Vince Santivasi, head of direct markets for Zurich North America said, being a leading provider of the vehicle protection solutions in the United States, they are going to remain committed for the purpose of introducing the products and services that is going to be meeting the continuously evolving needs for their customers.

Vince Santivasi also said, with the current forecasts predicting that, the electric vehicles are going to be representing around 50 percent of all new cars sold in 2030, the electric vehicle protection products of Zurich North America are now in place for proving the assurance to the owners of the electric vehicles and also helping them to manage the potential high cost of EV ownership.


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