AGCO Agriculture Foundation and MANRRS Partnered To Advance Minority Representation in Agriculture Industry


The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF), which is a private foundation formed for ending the hunger through the development of the sustainable agriculture has partnered with the MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences) for the purpose of increasing the representation of the students from the underrepresented backgrounds along with promoting the agriculture industry as a good career choice.

The project, which has been founded by the AAF, is going to be providing the opportunities for scholarship for the tailored internship roles along with providing support for hiring the talent from the some of the underrepresented groups of the country. The key focused areas are going to be the agronomy, engineering, agribusiness, software development, data science field technicians, disciplines and sustainability, and the goal of the project is to increase the diversity along with promoting the agriculture industry as a good career.

Metti Richenhagen, director of AGCO Agriculture Foundation said, the AGCO Agriculture Foundation has committed for working to address the gap of diversity in the agricultural industry of the United States, and their partnership with the MANRRS has been responsible for enabling them a diverse group of the some young enthusiasts for gaining the skills, knowledge and professional experience within the areas of high demands of their industry.

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Ebony Webber, chief officer of operations at National Office of MANRRS said, MANRRS has been very excited about the newly launched program, and their funding support and partnership with the AGCO Agriculture Foundation will be helping more talents within their network for the purpose of developing their leadership skills along with contributing to the transformation of the industry.


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