Pfizer: Already Working on Vaccine to Target Omicron Covid-19 Variant


Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, pharmaceutical company based in the US said, the company has already started working on a version of the company’s novel corona virus vaccine especially focusing on the omicron variant in case, the current vaccine is not effective against this new strain of the virus.

Albert Bourla also said, the company has also started testing the current corona virus vaccine against the omicron covid-19 variant, which had been firstly found in the region of South Africa and it has also reignited the fears of another wave of the corona virus infections, and he also said that, he does not think the result will be the vaccines does not protect the people from the new variant.

He said that, he is liking the situation as compared to the scenario previously 2021, when the company and its partner ‘BioNTech’ has together developed a corona virus vaccine in 95 days when there had been concerns regarding the previous formula is not going to be working against the Delta variant of the virus, even though that version of the virus was not used ultimately.

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The current novel corona virus vaccine has been very effective against the Delta covid-19 variant, and he also added that, the companies are expecting to be able to manufacture around four billion doses of the vaccine in the year 2022, and on Monday, the WHO (World Health Organization) has warned the new omicron variant has also been possessing high risk across the globe.


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