Nissan to Invest $17.6-Billion to Accelerate Electric Cars Switch


The automobile giant ‘Nissan’ said, it is going to be investing around 17.6 billion dollars into the electrification of the vehicles over the upcoming five years, which is also including a key role for the plant of the company based in Sunderland, in the battle of the company with the traditional car producers and the specialists like Tesla.

The Japanese car producer, which has successfully launched one of the first large electric vehicles market in the world along with the company’s Leaf model around 10 years ago, and the company also said, it is going to be introducing 23 new electric car models by the year 2030, and 15 of the models are fully electric, and the remaining models will possibly be hybrids.

Makoto Uchida, chief executive of Nissan said, the role of the companies for the purpose of addressing the needs of the society has been increased at high levels, and they are also going to be driving the new age of the electrification, along with the advance technologies for decreasing the carbon footprint along with pursuing new opportunities in the business.

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Ashwani Gupta, chief operating officer of Nissan said, Sunderland is going to play a key role in the plans of the company, and the continent of Europe is going to be taking the lead on the electrification of the vehicles across the world for Nissan, and in the region of Europe, Sunderland has been the one, which will be leading the company towards electrification.


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