Nissan Plans 50% Of Its Global Sales to be EVs or Hybrids Vehicles


On Monday, 29th November 2021, Nissan, an automobile company announced that, it wants that 50 percent of the company’s sales across the globe to be all electric or the hybrid vehicle by the year 2030, and the company is also planning to invest billions of dollars into the making it possible.

This move has been made by following the footsteps of the several other big automobile producing companies across the globe, that have been signalling a move towards the electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles as a concern related to the increase in the climate change.

While introducing the long-term plan, the company ‘Nissan’ said, it is going to be launching around 23 new models, which are including the 15 new electric vehicles, in a bid for the purpose of reaching the 2030 commitment. In 2020, around 10 percent of the global sales of Nissan had been electric vehicles or the hybrid vehicles and the company also said, this new target is going to provide help in achieving the carbon neutrality across the life cycle of the products of Nissan by 2050.

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Makoto Uchida, chief executive officer of Nissan said, this long-term plan is going to be transforming the company for becoming a sustainable company. This move of Nissan, has also been seen across the automobile industry in the world, along with Volvo, automobile company based in Sweden, which has been pledging to switch all the sales away from the fuel cars by 2030.


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