Report: Technology Revolution in Agriculture Can Possibly Decrease Pollution and Environmental Impact

Agriculture Environment

According to a new report, a technology revolution in the agriculture can possibly help in addressing the global challenge for producing more amount of food while decreasing the pollution and environmental impact, and the report has also been showcasing the particular technological advances in the conventional farming, which is also including the agricultural drone and also genetic crop manipulation.

According to the report, the filings of the patent has been relating to the agricultural drones, which are a part of the precision farming, that have been escalated dramatically in lesser than a decade, along with suggesting the technology, which might be offering a revolution in the agriculture.

The agricultural drones are responsible for facilitating the irrigation, fertilisation and pesticide application along with greater intelligence and data collection that has been helping the farmers for becoming more efficient, accurate and sustainable.

Chris Mason, senior associate at the Appleyard Lees said, the patent applications related to the agricultural drones has now been diversifying and as they become a smart tool used for the purpose of farming, and the costs are also likely going to decrease.

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Chris Mason also said, the applications can possibly include the artificial intelligence and the machine learning for managing the crops, and what is also clear from the companies that are filing the patents in the agricultural drone technology has been the shift of the companies from supplying only the traditional cultural products to the digital and farm management systems.


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