Germany: Volkswagen Sued For Rejecting Demands for Carbon Emissions


As the efforts for tackling the climate change is increasing, the automobile company ‘Volkswagen’ is now facing a law suit in which the company has been accused of not doing its part in tackling with the climate change.

According to the reports, Clara Mayer, environmental activist along with the heads of Greenpeace Germany has been suing the company in a court based in Germany. The accusers of the company has also issued the demand to the company ‘Volkswagen’ in September 2021 and they have also given a time period of eight weeks for reviewing them and the demands mainly involve Volkswagen ending the production of the internal combustion engines cars by the year 2030, and also decreasing the carbon emissions by around 65 percent from the levels of 2018 by the year 2030.

The group has given the time limit to Volkswagen until 29th October 2021 for responding but the company has declined the demands on 28th October 2021, and when the company was fist confronted, the company does not view a lawsuit against an individual company as being a proper and suitable method for tackling the climate change challenges.

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The lawsuit has also been resembling one that has been filed by several heads of a environmental organization based in Germany against the companies including Daimler and BMW at the end of the month of September 2021, and the lawsuit came as a result of both the companies rejecting the demands for stopping the production of the combustion engine cars by 2030 and also decreasing the emissions of carbon.


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