AstraZeneca Set to Conduct More Clinical Trials in Homes of People to Improve Diversity


AstraZeneca is now going to let more number of people to take part in the clinical trials from the comfort of the people’s own home in an attempt for increasing the diversity of the participants in the country, and recruiting the volunteers to the clinical trials can possibly be difficult, but they are going to be in a crucial step in the process of development of the new drugs, along with the tests, devices and several other interventions.

The concerns has also been highlighted that a lack of the diversity among the people, who have been participating in the clinical trials means that the medical equipment and drugs might be less effective in certain groups.

Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom has announced a review into the systematic bias and racism in the medical devices for the purpose of examining why the people of the different colour and women are mainly having the worse health outcomes.

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Cristina Duran, chief digital health officer, R&D, at AstraZeneca said, only 3 percent to 5 percent of the patients that are eligible for choosing to join a clinical trial, along with the recruitment, which has been taking around 18 months.

The experts also said, it has been very important that, it is the diversity among the trial of the participants as the genetic, social and cultural factors can all possibly affect the way in the different groups for responding to the interventions.


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