TC Energy and Hyzon Motors Announced Development Agreement for Modular Hydrogen Production Hub in North America

Power & Energy

Hyzon Motors Inc., a leading supplier of electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells and TC Energy Corporation has been partnered for the development, operation, construction and ownership of the hydrogen production facilities or hubs across the region of North America.

The production facilities of hydrogen are going to be used for the purpose of meeting the demand of the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle by focusing on the low-to-negative carbon intensity hydrogen from the renewable biogas, natural gas and several other sustainable sources, and these facilities are going to be located close to the demand, that has been supporting the vehicle deployments of the vehicles of Hyzon Motors.

Corey Hessen, president and senior vice president of power and storage at TC Energy said, with the help of this partnership, they are going integrate the expertise of the TC Energy in the renewables and natural gas along with Hyzon Motors, that has been the technology of the company in the hydrogen fuel cells electric vehicles that are being delivered around the world currently.

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Corey Hessen also said, the company ‘TC Energy’ has committed to the development and exploration of the energy solutions in the region of North America for the company’s very own assets along with those of the customers for the purpose of meeting the needs of the transition of energy, and they believe that, they are well positioned for the purpose of executing on the development of the pipelines of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.


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