North America: Braskem and Lummus Partner to License Technology for Two Green Ethylene Projects

Chemicals Technology

Lummus Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the company ‘Braskem Netherlands B.V., which is subsidiary of Braskem, largest producer of biopolymer in the world. This partnership has been made for the purpose of licensing of the green ethylene technology of Braskem for two of the ethanol to ethylene conversion projects, which are under development in the regions of North America and Asia.

Leon de Bruyn, CEO and president of Lummus Technology said, their partnership with the company ‘Braskem’ has been a very important building block that is going to be strengthening the leadership of Lummus Technology in the transitions of energy. He also said, as the largest provider of ethylene technology in the world, the company is confident in the green solutions, which they are going to be able to develop together with Braskem, which has been recognized for the role of the company in the circular economy.

Leon de Bruyn said, their collective expertise, along with the resources and experience is going to be accelerating the circularity in their industry and it is also going to help their customers for decarbonizing all their investments and producing more green products.

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Walmir Soller, vice president of Olefins and Polyolefins at Braskem for Asia and Europe said, Lummus Technology an Braskem are now joining their expertise for the purpose of fostering the development of the sustainable chemistry, and the company ‘Braskem’ with more than a decade of producing green ethylene out of ethanol form the sugar cane, along with the process and technology licensing competences of Lummus Technology, they are going to be providing a solid basis for the growth of this green alternative from the companies.

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