BMW Plans to Become First Company to Offer Level 3 Autonomous Driving in North America


The automobile company ‘BMW’ is now planning to become the first automobile producer for selling a vehicle, which has been equipped with the level 3 autonomous driving capabilities in the region of North America, that is likely going to happen with the launch of the company’s new BMW 7 Series for the year 2023.

Currently, all the driver assistance features of the company are going to be available on the cars in the region of North America which are either of level 1 or level 2, and the difference between a system of level 2 and level 3 has been the level of implication of the driver of the vehicle.

In the level 2 system, the drivers have to drive when the feature is active and they aoso have to pay constant attention while driving, and in the level 3 system, the drivers of the vehicle can be inattentive momentarily, and they can also take control of the vehicle if the system asks the drivers to do so, and this feature only works when the set conditions are met like in the traffic jam.

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With the help from the level 3 system, the drivers are no longer going to be considered as actively driving the car since the attention of the drivers are not always required for being focused or attentive on the road while driving, and the company ‘BMW’ also wants to integrate all such features in the next generation BMW 7 Series sedan which is planned to be launched in 2023.


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