Report: Forever Chemicals Contaminating Tap Water in the US


According to a new report on the forever chemicals, the pollution and decaying infrastructure caused from the forever chemicals have been responsible for causing tens of millions of people of the United States for drinking the contaminated water, which has been increasing the risk of the cancer disease and several other ailments.

The Environment Working Group (EWG) of the United States has reported that, around fifty six new contaminants, which are including the radioactive materials and pesticides have also been discovered in the tap water of the United States during the past two years.

The researchers from the Washington DC has analysed the data from around 50,000 water systems across the United States for the purpose of drawing their conclusions, and David Andrews, a senior scientist working with EWG said, it has been frustrating and striking how little has been done for the purpose of improving the quality of water across the United States, and their scientific understanding of health has also been progressed, but the country’s standards of drinking water are not being updated with the modern science.

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David Andrews also said that, the national regulations of the United States for the water does not include the standards for the upcoming and new class of the chemicals known as the PFAS, that are mostly used in the production of the non-stick coatings, along with the fire-fighting film, Teflon and several other products.


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