JLR Expecting Gradual Recovery in Semiconductor Issues to Start from Second half of 2022

Automobile Semiconductor

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), an automobile company owned by Tata Motors is now expecting the situation of the semiconductor shortage to gradually begin recovering from the second half of the year 2022, and the multinational automobile company based in the United Kingdom is going to be continuing to take the steps for containing the impact of the semiconductor shortage on the company’s operations across the world.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) said, looking ahead, the shortage in the supply of the semiconductors is now remaining dynamic and very difficult to forecast, although, the company has also been expecting to experience a gradual recovery, which is expected to be starting in the second half of the year 2022.

As the supply of the semiconductors remains constrained, the company is also going to continue to take the mitigating actions, that has also been including the prioritization of the production of the vehicles of high margin and they have also been closely managing the costs for decreasing the break-even point of the company.

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The company also said, in the future, the JLR is going to be taking the measures for increasing the future control and visibility over the supply of the semiconductor for the vehicles of the company, along with closely working with the tier 1 and the semiconductor suppliers.

The company has also noted that, the economic recovery across the globe from the novel corona virus pandemic has been continuing but the increasing number of the cases in several regions have been impacting the supply base of the semi-conductors.


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