Mitsubishi Power and DT Midstream Partnered to Advance Hydrogen Infrastructure in US

Power & Energy

Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc., a power generation and energy storage solutions provider and DT Midstream, Inc., a premier natural gas pipeline and storage providing company, have entered into a clean energy strategic joint development agreement (JDA) for the purpose of advancing the development projects of hydrogen energy across the United States.

The partners are going to identify, along with the development and deploying the projects that have been integrating the hydrogen technologies and power generation of Mitsubishi Power with the energy infrastructure development and operational expertise of DT Midstream for decarbonizing the utility, along with the industrial sectors and transportation.

David Hunt, senior vice president of new generation system sales and commercial operation of Mitsubishi Power Americas said, their goal with the company ‘DT Midstream’ is to make the clean and affordable hydrogen, which has been widely available for the generation of power and several other sectors and this collaboration is also going to be adding to the hub and spoke the hydrogen infrastructure, which they have been creating with the partnerships through the region of the North America, and the company ‘Mitsubishi Power’ has earlier announced the clean energy hubs under the development in the regions of North Dakota and Utah.

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This agreement is going to focus on the storage, production, transportation and use of the hydrogen and several other commodities, and the opportunities are also including the offering of the hydrogen in the compressed or liquefied form for the multiple applications like transport and power generation, along with the steelmaking, fertilizer manufacturing and refining.


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