US Study: Dangerous Chemicals found in 80% Meals of McDonald’s, Burger King and Dominos


According to a study, the harmful chemicals that can cause learning problems in the children and reproductive issues have been found in the foods prepared at some of the people’s favourite fast food chains, and the samples taken from the meals prepared in the Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Chipotle and Domino’s had been found to include industrial chemicals.

A new study, which is based on the samples from the restaurants in the region of San Antonio, the United States has found small amounts of the phthalates, and these chemicals are mainly used for the purpose of making the plastics soft and had been found in around 80 percent of the samples collected from the restaurant.

The chemical has been linked to a different range of the problems related to the health of the people including the issues in the endocrine system, which has been a series of glands that has been responsible for producing and secreting the hormones in the body.

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The chemical phthalates have also been linked to the issues related to the fertility and reproduction, along with the results found by a study conducted in 2020, that the chemical might be inducing the alterations in the puberty, along with the development of the testicular dysgenesis syndrome, fertility disorders in both female and male and cancer.

The phthalates are also used for different things and are often present in the industrial tubing and rubber gloves.


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