US EPA Reveals New Strategy for addressing Contamination of Forever Chemicals in US


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new strategic roadmap that is going to provide help in restricting a class of the toxic chemicals from getting released into the environment along with accelerating the clean-up of the existing contamination from the forever chemicals that are mainly associated with a variety of health issues.

This news comes after the release of the US EPA data set that, has been responsible for listing around 120,000 industrial sites across the United States which might be or might not have been handling the forever chemicals.

The data set has also been including the locations and operational details of the facility and had also been checked by the researchers of EPA for the purpose of helping state and local officials, who are working with the federal government in the process of addressing the concerns related to the contamination.

The extent of the data list of the facilities by the US EPA has been responsible in demonstrating that, virtually, no part of the United States has been appearing free from the risk of the contamination caused by the forever chemicals, and these chemicals does not break down naturally and they have also been shown for the purpose of accumulating in the environment and also in the animals and human beings.

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Michael Regan, US EPA Administrator said, this comprehensive and national strategy is going to be delivering protection to the people, who are getting affected by the advancement of the bold and strict actions that will be addressing the complete lifecycle of the forever chemicals.


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