Oyster Point Pharma’s Nasal Spray Drug gets US FDA Approval to Treat Dry Eye Disease


The company ‘Oyster Point Pharma Inc.’ said, the US FDA has now approved the Tyrvaya varenicline solution nasal spray 0.03 mg for the treatment of the symptoms and signs of the dry eye disease, and the company also said, the Tyrvaya nasal spray has been the first and only nasal spray, that has been approved for the treatment of the dry eye disease.

The company said, Tyrvaya has been cholinergic agonist that has been delivered twice in a day as an aqueous nasal spray into each nostril for the purpose of activating the production of the basal tear without administering the medication onto an already irritated ocular surface.

The delivery of the Nasal Spray might be allowing some of the patients, who are having difficulty in independently administering the topical eye drops for the purpose of administering the prescribed dry eye disease therapy.

The company said, during the trials, the mean change from the baseline in the Eye Dryness Score at the week 4 had been 18.9 mm in the patients treated by Tyrvaya as compared to the 5.4 mm in the patients treated by vehicle. The company also said, the most common adverse reaction has been reported in the 82 percent of the patients had been sneezing, and the events that had been reported in the 5 percent to 16 percent of the patients had been including cough, throat irritation, along with irritation at the site of instillation.


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