General Motors to Use Renewable Energy at its US Factories from 2030

Power & Energy

General Motors, largest automobile company in the United States said that, it is now planning to power all of its domestic facilities with the renewable energy by the year 2025 in an effort for decreasing the impact of carbon.

Originally, the company has been a pledge for reaching the goal of 100 percent renewables by the year 2030 but it has now started working with the PJM Interconnection, power grid operator in the United States for the purpose of tracking the emissions of carbon from the company’s US facilities.

The main goal of General Motors is to become a carbon-neutral company by the year 2040, along with eliminating the exhaust emissions from the new light-duty vehicles by the 2035, and this commitment had been made earlier in 2021, after Joe Biden, president of the United States has taken the control and signed a set of executive orders, which had tightened up the environmental regulations that had been relaxed under the administration of Joe Biden.

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Mary Barra, chair and CEO of General Motors said, the vision of General Motor of a world with the zero crashes, along with zero emissions and zero congestion has now been placed the company ahead of the competition in the services enabled by software, electrification, and the autonomy.

Mary Barra also said, their early investment in the current growth trends have also been responsible in transforming the company from the automobile producer to the platform innovators, along with all the customers of the company at the centre.


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