Hyundai Partners with Shell for More Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Vehicles in US


The Hyundai Motors has partnered with the company Shell for the purpose of expanding the hydrogen infrastructure in California in support of the company’s Nexo Fuel-cell crossover. Under the agreement, which is called as ‘Project Neptune’, which has been the hydrogen-infrastructure division of Shell is going to be constructing around 48 new stations along with upgrading two of the existing stations in the region of California, USA.

Asa part of the deal, the Hyundai Motors also said that, it has now committed to the sales growth of the fuel cell that has been supporting the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure, and the automobile company does not revealed any further details, but perhaps the goal of the company is to make sure that enough amount of the hydrogen passenger cars has been on the road for the purpose of justifying the expansion of the infrastructure, that has been scheduled to begin before the end of 2021.

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According to the company, the infrastructure has been the key hurdle to the adoption of the fuel-cell vehicle, but the expansion of the number of stations in the United States has been proven more difficult than actually building the new charging stations for the battery electric vehicles.

The company Hyundai Motors remains optimistic about the hydrogen, although, the company has also launched an expansive vision that has been encompassing the cargo drones and sports cars, and it has also been targeting the price parity along with the battery electric vehicle by 2030.


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