UK: Cucumber and Tomato Farmers Stops Production Over Labour Shortages and Energy Crisis


The labour costs and energy crisis have been threatening the food security of the United Kingdom, as the industry leaders have given the warning, as the pressure on the minsters has been increasing for finding an urgent resolution to a set of the increasing crisis faced by the households and businesses in the United Kingdom.

According to the reports, the National Farmer’s Union of United Kingdom said, the farms in the country had been in an even more precious position than they had previously been in the early days of the novel corona virus pandemic when they will be close to a third of the food industry of United Kingdom that had been forced for closing down overnight.

Tom Bradshaw, vice president of the National Farmers Union said, currently they are having a very real risk for the purpose of exporting the parts of their farming industry overseas and also decreasing the capacity of the agriculture of United Kingdom for the purpose of feeding the people in the country.

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The United Kingdom Meat Processors’ Association said, the supermarkets in the country have also faced challenges with the continuously increasing prices of the farm that can possibly start sourcing more food from the abroad countries, but the food security of the United Kingdom is also going to be suffering.

The warnings come as the business secretary of United Kingdom, Kwasi Kwarteng has now reached a deal with the CF Industries, a fertilizer company of the United States for the purpose of fixing the prices of the carbon dioxide, which has been very important for production of food in the United Kingdom.


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