NHS England to Offer Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease


The NHS England announced that, thousands of the patients in the United Kingdom are going to get the benefit from the first treatment for the sickle cell disease in around 20 years, and the Crizanlizumab drug treatment, that is delivered by a transfusion drip and the treatment works by binding to a protein in the blood cells for the purpose of preventing the restriction of the blood and supply of oxygen.

This therapy, which has been the first treatment that is available for the disease in the past 20 years, is going to be responsible in helping at least 5,000 people over the upcoming three years. The disease known as sickle cell, which has been particularly common in people having Caribbean or African background, has been a serious and lifelong health condition, and it can also cause serious pain and organ failure, that often require hospitalization.

The current treatments for the prevention of the sickle cell have been including a tablet, which is known as hydroxycarbamide and the regular transfusions of blood, but these treatments have not always been effective for the people with some serious forms of the disease.

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Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of NHS England said, this has been a historic moment for the people that are suffering with the sickle cell disease, who are now going to be given their first new type of treatment in more than 20 years, and this treatment will be helpful in saving the lives, along with allowing the patients for living a better life.


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