Ineos Automotive Plans Launch of its Grenadier SUV in Europe in 2022


Ineos Automotive, a subsidiary of the energy and chemicals giant ‘Ineos’, is going to be launching a rugged off-road vehicle in the continent of Europe in 2022 and in the region of North America in 2023 for the farmers in the United States along with other primarily uses in the rural areas.

The Ineos Automotive has also been planning the initial launch with a utilitarian version of the Grenadier SUV for the business customers, that should possibly make up most of the sales of the vehicle, along with more comfortable version for the passengers, and the vehicle is also going to be launching in the parts of the regions including the Middle East and Africa in the year 2022.

The company said, it is going to be selling the Grenadier SUV via the established dealer groups and the 4X4 specialists, and also through online modes, and the company has also been targeting 200 outlets across the globe for the beginning of the sales in the month fo July 2022.

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In the United Kingdom, the company has also been planning to have aroudn23 retail sites in the operations ahead of the launch, that has been supplemented by aftersales outlets of Bosch, and the prices in the United Kingdom for the Grenadier have also been expected to start at 48,000 pounds.

The company has also lined up 15 sales outlets in the country of Germany for the launch date, and the company ‘Ineos’ has also been working on a new pick-up version of the Grenadier SUV, that is going to be crucial for the market of North America.


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