Amazon Web Services (AWS) Launched Container Monitoring Service


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of the new Amazon Managed Services for the Prometheus, which has been a scalable, secure and highly available service that makes monitoring of the containerized applications much easier for the customers of AWS.

The Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus has been fully compatible with the Prometheus open source along with providing the same and more familiar data model of the time series and the Prometheus Query Language customers that are using it for monitoring the containerized applications.

The service from the AWS has come along with the additional capabilities like the Prometheus-compatible alert manger, along with recording rules and also for the rules of alerting, and it has also provided support for the provisioning Amazon Managed Service for the purpose of Prometheus workspaces, along with the rules of configuration, and alerting the manager configurations with the CloudFormation that have also been added to the managed service.

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Nandini Ramani, vice president of observability and monitoring at AWS said, along with the Amazon Managed Service for the Prometheus, the customers are also having the access to a scalable, along with the secure and highly available monitoring service that has been optimized for the containerized applications that are running on the AWS and also on the premises.

She also said, the Amazon Managed Service for the Prometheus has also been responsible for eliminating the non-differentiated heavy lifting of running the Prometheus, so that, the customers can possibly focus on building the modern applications that can be helpful for them in delivering the new, and innovative experiences to the end users of the company.