Oral Drug of Mirum Becomes First Therapy to be Approved for Alagille Syndrome Treatment in US


On Wednesday, 29th September 2021, the oral drug developed by Mirum Pharmaceuticals Inc., has been the first approve therapy from the purpose of treating the itching in the patients along with a are disorder related to liver known as Alagille Syndrome (ALGS).

Chris Peetz, CEO of Mirum said, the Itching has really been devastating for the children and the families in the country, which are dealing with Alagille Syndrome disease, and ultimately that itching has been the driving factor for the decisions taken for the liver transplant.

The company ‘Mirum’ has priced the drug at 1,550 dollars per unit, which is going to be made available for the distribution in the country immediately under the brand name called as Livmarli, and the company has also been expecting that, the per unit annual cost at around 391,000 dollars for a child of 17 kilograms, which has been the average weight of the patients identified in the studies.

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The dose for the oral drug is going to be prescribed by the physicians based on the weight of the patient, and Mani Faroohar, analyst of SVBLeerink said that, the drug Livmarli can easily be reaching the peak of its sales of 400 million dollars in the ALGS indication by the year 2030, and the executives of Mirum has estimated a total opportunity in the market of around 500 million dollars for the indication.

Mani Faroohar also said, the oral therapy known as Bylvay of the company Albireo Pharma has been the closest competitor to the drug Livmarli, but it is being tested currently in the late-stage trials for ALGS.


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