Lawmakers Urged EU Countries to Step Up in Emission Cuts in Agriculture, Transport and Buildings


The lawmakers in the environment committee of the European Parliament have urged the member nations of the European Union for stepping up their efforts for the purpose of decreasing emissions in the industries such as agriculture, buildings and transport, that been currently not been covered by the emissions trading scheme of the European union.

Jessica Poljard, a MED of Sweden said, too many member countries of the European Union has already been falling behind on their previous emissions target, so they are needing to be more ambitious. She also said, now they can only deliver on these goals if each and every country in the European Union contributes to their best and for the purpose of achieving what they all have agreed on.

The effort sharing regulation of the European Union has been covering the greenhouse gas emissions from the industries including buildings, transport, agriculture, and waste, and these also account for around 60 percent of the total emissions across the continent of Europe.

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This revision of the regulation, which has been launched in the month of July 2021, is going to see an increase in the total emissions reductions starting from 29 percent to 40 percent these industries, and in order for meeting this emissions reduction target, each member state of the European Union is having a binding target for the level of reductions which the European Union needs to make, along with the amount depending on the GDP per capita of the countries.


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