World Economic Forum Honors 5G Factory Sustainability of Ericsson in US


The 5G Smar Factory of the company Ericsson based in Lewisville, Texas, USA has been awarded by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the global leadership in the manufacturing of the next-generation Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) for the second time.

The Global Lighthouse Network’s (GLN) of WEF has designated the factory as a Sustainability Lighthouse in the recognition of the successful sustainability measures on site, and this designation comes just after six months, when the factory of Ericsson has been awarded the prestigious Global Lighthouse accreditation of WEF for the leadership in the overall next-generation manufacturing.

The company Ericsson has also invested more than 100 million dollars at the 5G Smart Factory, that has been primarily serving the 5G customers in the region of North America, and Fredrik Jejdling, head of networks and executive vice president at Ericsson said, sustainability has been the key to the values, their contribution to the society, their customer engagement and the future of Ericsson as a successful industry leader.

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Fredrik Jejdling said, their commitment of sustainability has been covering the end-to-end scope of Ericsson starting from the research and development through the process of manufacturing, supply, production, deployment and the customer services, and they are also going to continue to invest in the sustainability as they have been seeing it as a responsibility and also a benefit to the company.

He also said, it has been significant that, the WEF has honored their USA 5G Smart Factory for the company’s global leadership in the 4IR manufacturing, and this time especially for the track record of its sustainability.