Pfizer Starts Study of Oral Drug to Treat Covid-19


On Monday, 27th September 2021, Pfizer Inc, said, it has started a large study for the purpose of testing the company’s investigational oral antiviral drug for the treatment of the novel corona virus infection those people, who have been exposed to the novel corona virus.

The company Pfizer and its rivals, which is including the Merck& Co Inc, based in the United States and the Swiss Roche Holding AG, have also been racing for the development of an antiviral pill for the novel corona virus, that will be easy to administer.

The mid to the later stage study is going to be testing the drug, PF-07321332 of the company, in around 2,660 healthy adult participants that will be aged between 18 years and above, who have been living in the same household as an individual with a confirmed symptomatic novel corona virus infection.

In the trial, the drug, PF-07321332, has been designed for the purpose of blocking the activity of a main enzyme that has been needed for the novel corona virus for multiplying, and it is also going to be administered with a dose of ritonavir, which has been an older medication that is widely used in the combined treatments of the HIV infection.

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Till now, the intravenous drug of Gilead Sciences Inc known as Remdesivir has been the only approved antiviral treatment drug for the novel corona virus in the United States, and the company Pfizer has also started another study of the PF-07321332 drug in the symptomatic adult patients, that are not hospitalized.


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