People Hailed UK’s Decision to Fortify Flour with Folic Acid to Prevent Birth Defects

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The decision made by the government of United Kingdom for finally making it compulsory to add the folic acid to the non-wholemeal wheat flour for the purpose of providing help in preventing the life-threatening spinal conditions in the new-born babies is now being hailed by all the concerned people.

Gordon Polson, CEO of the UK Federation of Bakers said, the decision for mandatorily adding the folic acid to the non-wholemeal wheat flour has been welcomed by their members and the bread has already been a major contributor to the healthy diet of the country and it has also been an important source of the carbohydrate, nutrients and fibre, along with the nutrients like iron, B vitamins, and calcium.

He also said, the Federation of Bakers has been consistently saying that, the fortification for the wheat flour has been a medical decision and as being an industry, they have always been responsive to what has been in the best interests of the consumers, and their members have therefore remained committed to respond positively to the announcement of the UK government on the details of adding the folic acid to the non-wholemeal flour.

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The government of United Kingdom has also been actively aiming to avoid the 200birth defects in the United Kingdom every year by adding the folic acid to the products, that have been made with the flour including bakes, pasta and bread, and this move of the UK government has been playing catchup with the standards across the globe.


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