Study: Synthetic Chemicals Used in Agriculture Harming Climate


According to a study, the use of the synthetic chemicals like the fertilizers and the pesticides in the process of agriculture has been seriously harming the soil systems and climate of the world, and the report has also been arguing that, these methods have been driving up the emissions and it is also degrading the soils, and they have also been the main cause of the loss of diversity.

In spite of the claims of the chemical industry, which are essential to the higher yields and the security of the food. The report has also been seeking to promote the agroecological approaches like the agroforestry and organic farming since the report says, they have been increasing the resilience and productivity for the purpose of decreasing the emissions and draw the carbon back into the trees and soils more effectively than the other alternatives.

The report has been drawing on a study of the agroecology in more than 57 countries, and it has also found that, the increased productivity on the 12.6 million farms across the world along with an increase of 79 percent crop-yield.

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According to a co-author of the report, Richard Ewbank, some organic food and portray agroecology as a middle-class preoccupation, and for the vulnerable farmers, specifically for the small-scale farmers in the developing countries have been already facing some extreme weather, and for that, it has been the smartest and most profitable and resilient solution.

He also said, agroecology has been an essential part in the fight against the climate change across the world, and for the improved water and land management, along with enhancing the carbon sinks.


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