US: NFWF Announced $3.9 million in Grants to Help Conservation Practices on Agriculture Lands


The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) of the United States announced a new grant of 3.9 million dollars for the purpose of providing help in the agricultural producers for implementing the voluntary conservation practices on the ranches and farms across the United States of America.

Awarded under the Conservation Partners Program of NFWF, these grants are going to be responsible in generating 5.1 million dollars in matching the contributions for achieving a total conservation impact of 9 million dollars.

The NFWF has been responsible to manage the Conservation Partners Program in the partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and General Mills of the US Department of Agriculture, along with the additional funding from the company ‘Truterra, LLC’.

The program has also been supporting the efforts for accelerating the adoption of the regenerative agriculture principles and conservation practices on the private working lands, and the recipients of the grant are going to be providing the technical assistance to the ranchers and farmers for providing help in developing the management plans, along with implementing and designing the best practices and also participating in the Farm Bill programs along with sharing the experiences.

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Jeff Trandahl, CEO and executive director of NFWF said, this new grant is going to help the farmers and the ranchers to improve their operations in a way that will be making economic sense along with addressing some of the most-pressing challenges of the environment of the country at the same time.


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