Google and Facebook Condemned Over Advertisements for Abortion Reversal


According to a report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), the social media company Facebook has served for the 18.4 million times advertisements of abortion reversal since the month of January 2020, that had been responsible for promoting a not proven, dangerous and unethical procedure.

According to the research of CCDH, Google had been showing the advertisements on more than four-fifths of the searches that have been related to the abortion across a number of cities in the United States, that had been targeted at the searching terms like abortion pill and unwanted pregnancy.

The advertisements have been promoting a not proven theoretical use of the high doses of the hormone progesterone for the purpose of reversing the effects of taking the mifepristone, which has been the first of a pair of drugs that had been used in a medical abortion.

But there has also been a lack of medical evidence for the purpose of demonstrating the efficacy and safety of the treatment, and it can also lead to the dangerous disease known as haemorrhaging, and in spite of it, eight states in the United States require people, that are seeking an abortion to be given the information, that has been claiming that, such type of abortion reversal has been an option.

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Imran Ahmed, chief executive of CCDH said, it has been disgusting that, the groups are seeking to undermine the fundamental reproductive and sexual rights that are able to spread the misinformation to the vulnerable girls and women.

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