Boris Johnson Issues Warnings, if Coronavirus Cases Rise again in UK


Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom has warned that, the government of United Kingdom can possibly bring back all the mandatory covid-19 rules such as mandatory face masks and work from home along with making the use of the covid-19 vaccine passports compulsory if an increase in the cases of the novel coronavirus during the winter season.

While revealing the winter plan, Boris Johnson said, he is hoping a strengthened covid-19 vaccination program, that is going to start from next week and it is also including the corona virus booster shots for the people who are more than 50 years of age and the vaccines for the children above 12 years of age.

According to the reports, the winter plan of the government of United Kingdom, the plan has been divided into two parts including Plan A and Plan B. Under the Plan A, the ministers of the UK government are going to encourage the unvaccinated people of the country to take a covid-19 vaccine shot along with starting a covid-19 booster programme for the millions of people in United Kingdom. This plan also consists of tracing the covid-19 infections, continuous testing and self-quarantining the people, who have covid-19.

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Under Plan B, there may be mandatory covid-19 vaccine passports for the mass events, and the face masks may also be legally mandated in several places, along with urging the people of the United Kingdom for being more cautious and they might also be advised for doing work from home.


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