Study: Sourdough Still Underrated Widely in United Kingdom

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According to a research study conducted by Puratos UK, the demand for the better-for-you options in the country has been driving the artisanal bread category, and only 24 percent people of United Kingdom believe that, sourdough is healthy.

Sourdough is responsible in boasting a number of benefits including a list of simple ingredients like salt, water and flour, along with a growing amount of research, which is responsible to act as a prebiotic, which means that the fibre content of sourdough helps in feeding the good bacteria, that has been essential for having a healthy and stable digestive system.

The beneficial low phytates and bacteria of sourdough not only makes it easy to digest but it is also lower in gluten as compared to any other breads, and currently, there is a very small part of the people of United Kingdom, that are not already won over the health benefits of the sourdough. Although, according to the research, 48 percent of the users, which does not use sourdough say, they could possibly be swayed.

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This new research has been responsible in leading Puratos for identifying the need to provide information and educate the customers in the four main areas including the flavours and formats of sourdough, the nutritional benefits of sourdough, along with the versatility of sourdough.

Puratos also believe that, this can possibly be done at the store level by the retailers and bakers, along with having stronger messages on the packs, menus and also in the process of online promotion.


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