Renault to Receive Key Computing Chips from Qualcomm Technologies


Qualcomm, a semiconductor chip manufacturing company is going to be supplying a key computing chip for the digital dashboard in a new electric vehicle (EV) that is being developed by Renault, and the electric vehicle is called as Megane E-TECH Electric.

The company Renault Group is going to be utilizing the 3rd Generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms from the company ‘Qualcomm Technologies’ for the purpose of powering the technically advanced infotainment system of the electric vehicle, that has been comprised of the portrait touchscreen infotainment displays for the visual, audio along with the navigational functions.

The digital cockpit of the Megane E-TECH Electric has been powered by the AAOS (Android Automotive Operating System, and the infotainment systems in the new Renault electric vehicle is going to come equipped with the built-in applications of Google and services for the purpose of providing the intelligent infotainment and the in-vehicle customer applications.

Thierry Cammel, Alliance Global Vice President Renault Software Factory said, the digital cockpits have been quickly transformed by how the drivers and the passengers interacting with the vehicles of the customers, that has been allowing for the more enhanced and personalization comfort.

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Thierry Cammel also said, they believe that, their continued work with the companies including Google and Qualcomm Technologies has been critical for redefining the in-vehicle experiences, that will be allowing them to provide the advanced features and capabilities for the purpose of elevating the experience for the passengers and drivers of the electric vehicle.


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