US: Energy Secretary Approves Release to Baton Rouge Refinery of ExxonMobil

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On 2nd September 2021, Jennifer Granholm has authorized the release of the 1.5 million barrels of the crude from the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve for the purpose of exchanging with the Baton Rouge refinery of ExxonMobil.

The US Department of Energy said, this exchange had been authorised for the purpose of alleviating any kind of the logistical issues of moving the crude oil within the areas that have been affected by the hurricane Ida for the purpose of ensuring the region should have the access to fuel as fast as possible as they have been continuing the recovery.

The Department of Energy also said, it has been encouraging the refiners to prioritize the refined products for the regions that have been affected by the hurricane and it has been still remaining to be committed to provide support to the efforts made through the different options like the SPR.

Joe Biden, president of the United States said, he has directed the federal agencies for using all the tool required to keep the gasoline flowing the regions of Mississippi and Louisiana in the aftermath of the Hurricane Ida, which is also including the potential for tapping into the SPR and also ordering the relaxation of the hours of truck drivers for allowing more deliveries of fuel.

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With around 94 percent of the United States Gulf of Mexico crude oil still closed from the hurricane, the analysts of energy said, the supplies from the SPR might be very helpful in getting the oil refineries to run more quickly once they have the powered restored.


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