Finsbury Food to Partner with Mary Berry to Expand in the Market

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Finsbury Food, a speciality bakery producer of United Kingdom has now extended the company’s longstanding partnership with ‘Mary Berry’ along with the addition of the two new types of Bundt cakes to the retail brand, that is now worth over 3.7 million pounds.

According to the data, the cake market of United Kingdom is now worth more than 978 million pounds, and in spite of the low increase to the sales of the cakes, that has been followed by the novel corona virus outbreak in 2020, although, the industry has experienced a return to normal, that is making the timing available to launch the two new types of Bundt cakes inspired by Mary Berry.

Marry Berry said, she is very delighted to share her Bundt cakes with the company, which are perfect for sharing at the special occasions with the loved ones of the people, and also for their very own tea of afternoon, and the range of the cakes have been allowing everyone to enjoy one of the best pleasures of their lives.

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Thomas McInally, brand manager at Finsbury Food UK said, after the investment of resources and time in the creation these new and highly innovative products, and they are very confident that, the people’s much moved cake range of Mary Berry is going to continue to not only meet the expectations of the people, but also exceeding the expectations of the customers.

The new variants of the cakes are also going to be available online and in the outlets of the company across the United Kingdom.


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