Bill Gates Launched ‘Breakthrough Energy Catalyst’ to boost Innovation and Cleantech Funding

Environment Technology

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation and billionaire philanthropist has been teaming up with a group of governments, philanthropists and companies for the purpose of launching ‘Breakthrough Energy Catalyst’, which is a climate financing program.

The Breakthrough Energy Catalyst program has been aiming in boosting the investments in the clean technologies, which are critical for the transition of energy for the purpose of eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and the program has also been focusing on the acceleration of the innovation in the projects related to clean energy for ensuring the decline in the costs.

The Breakthrough Energy Catalyst has also identified four main areas for making the investments, which includes sustainable aviation fuels, long-time energy storage, green hydrogen and direct air capture of carbon dioxide, and according to the catalyst group, all these new technologies are now ready for being deployed but are not able to draw the investors, and the catalyst group is also feeling that, a relatively moderate inflow of the funds in such new types of the technologies, that could possibly get the things for rolling the industries across the world.

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The Catalyst group has also suggested that, the long-time renewable energy storage is having the potential solution to intermittency in the production of the renewable energy, along with turning the sources of renewables into the round the clock resources, and for solving the issue of the intermittency of the solar energy and wind energy can possibly maximize the utilization of the sources of renewable energy along with increasing the penetration of these new technologies within the infrastructures of energy.

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