Novotech Health Joins DTRA to Accelerate Clinical Trials


The company ‘Novotech Health Holding Pte. Ltd., also known as ‘Novotech’ has successfully joined an alliance of more than one hundred health organizations and life sciences, that has been seeking the acceleration of the wide adoption of the decentralized clinical trials and research, which is mainly patient-focused.

The Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA), that was launched in December 2020, is now uniting the stakeholders of the industries including regulators, healthcare companies, research organizations and patient groups with a mission for making the participation of the clinical trial accessible by the new technologies, research practices and the continuously advancing policies in the decentralized clinical research.

Dr. John Moller, CEO at Novatech said, they are very excited for joining the DTRA and proving help in accelerating the development of the virtual trials in the region of Asia-Pacific, and these virtual trails are going to offer the patients access to some of the important clinical trials, which are conducted across their region.

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Amir Kalali, co-chairman of DTRA said, they are pleased for welcoming the company Novotech to the DTRA, and with the help of advancing the decentralized research, they can make the clinical process more focused on the patients, along with increasing the efficiency of the clinical trials along with encouraging the use of the technologies, and they are excited by the commitment of Novotech for the purpose of embracing the decentralized trials.

Craig Lipset, co-chairman and a pioneer in decentralized trials and clinical innovation advisor said, now this has been the time for sharing the insights and ideas, which are going to chart the future course of the clinical trials along with the acceleration of the development of the medicinal drugs and saving the lives of the people.


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